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Tower Trail

Menstrie Castle Stay sits within the county of Clackmannanshire, the smallest historic county in Scotland, full of culture and heritage next to the city of Stirling. Lying between the majestic Ochil Hills and the River Forth, Menstrie Castle Stay provides the perfect year round base to explore the stunning countryside, rich history, medieval castles and tower houses.

Menstrie Castle forms part of the Clackmannanshire Tower Trail.  The Tower Trail takes you on a tour around the homes of the people who shaped the county. Along with Menstrie Castle, there are four medieval towers (as shown below), which were built as homes by nobility who needed to be near the royal court in Stirling. The tower house was a way of showing off the status of its owner, and by the 16th century, homes were built horizontally rather than vertically, like Menstrie Castle, albeit with the same thick walls and strong doors!

Clackmannanshire Tower Trail

Menstrie Castle - Tower Trail - WebP.webp

Menstrie Castle

Menstrie castle was built around 1560 by the Alexander family, a branch of the Clan MacAlister, who had anglicised their surname.  Sir William Alexander was born here around 1577, and later became known as a poet.  He gained a place in the Royal Household of James VI, eventually becoming a member of the Privy Council of Scotland in 1615, Principal Secretary of State in 1626, and Earl of Stirling in 1633.

In 1621, Sir William Alexander was to be known as lord proprietor of  Nova Scotia.

Menstrie Castle has a small museum whih is run by the community.  Access can be arranged upon request.

Alloa Tower

Alloa Tower is one of the largest surviving tower houses in Scotland and dates back to the 14th century. It was home to the Erskine family, who had strong links to the Scottish crown. The Erskines looked after Mary Queen of Scots and James VI during their childhood. Find out more about the tower and the restoration project, which when complete was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in 1997.

Open daily to visitors 1st April - 31st Oct 12pm - 4pm.

Alloa Tower - Tower Trial - WebP.webp
Sauchie Tower - Tower Trail - WebP.webp

Sauchie Tower

Sauchie Tower, less than 4 miles from Menstrie Castle, is a four storey, 15th-century tower.The lands of Sauchie were granted to the de Annan family by Robert the Bruce and passed by marriage to Sir James Schaw of Greenock who built the old tower between 1430 & 1440.Open for special guided tours.

Clackmannan Tower

Clackmannan Tower, stands on King's Seat Hill, a dramatic site with beautiful views overlooking the Forth Valley.For more than four centuries Robert the Bruce's family owned this very fine tower house.Open to visitors by special arrangement. It is still worth visiting to view the tower from the outside and take in the views!

Clackmannan Tower WebP.webp
Castle Campbell - Tower Trail - WebP.webp

Castle Campbell

Castle Campbell, forrmerly known as the Castle of Glooms, this castle is beautifully sited upon a narrow bridge overlooked by the
Ochil Hills.
Unfortunately, there is currently no visitor access inside the castle, although still worth a visit for the walk and the view on a nice day.
7 Miles from Menstrie Castle Stay.

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